LTech – the Lindera Software Development Kit: Real-time exercise feedback with the AI-based movement coach

    What does personalized training look like in the future? Lindera has released a Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers of fitness and health apps. App providers integrate the 3D motion tracking into their mobile application. The algorithm allows you to offer end customers personalized training with real-time feedback – completely without wearables, multi-camera systems and depth sensors.

    With real-time motion tracking, athletes get direct feedback, receive suggestions for correction at the same time, and can improve movements immediately. Users always have their training progress close at hand. You see the tangible successes, are more motivated, and feel both optimally and individually accompanied – in every sport and exercise!

    About the product

    We have developed an SDK for manufacturers of innovative fitness and health apps with our AI-based movement assistant. Lindera AI can easily be integrated into your own product – this enables individual digital feedback on the user’s movements, exercise speed and repetitions. With regular use, machine learning provides unprecedented insights into your own body and contributes to customer acquisition and loyalty.

    • For the customer lock-In: More customer loyalty for a larger market share – at an incredible cost-benefit ratio.
    • Flexible and versatile: Our intuitive web interface makes it easy for every developer to integrate an unlimited number of different exercises into their own app, with digital feedback.
    • We don’t just offer coordinate values and tutorials on how to turn it into tracking and feedback. The Lindera SDK gives you direct access to the following 3D features:
      • Repetition counter with
        • Repetition time
        • Repetition speed compared to the original video
      • Execution precision
      • Feedback on each body part
        • Deviation measurement to determine the most problematic error
        • Feedback on angles for exercise correction e.g., “Lift your left arm a little higher”
    • A single video from a single angle suffices for our solution, instead of several hundred images from different angles, to train the model
    • For every device and the maximum number of users: The Lindera AI has minimal hardware requirements so that it can be used on any device from iOS 12 and Android 10. Fitness and health app providers thereby reach a broad target group instead of just the top iPhone X users.

    A code – implemented easily and free of charge – for every developer, on every device, in every pocket!

    Would you like to use the app-based Mobility Analysis? Please get in touch!

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    Our partners

    Our partners include leading health insurance and IT providers in the nursing and healthcare industry.

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    How much does the Lindera SDK cost?

    The Lindera SDK depends on the number of users – fairness comes first: smaller apps pay less. Contact us to get a non-binding, custom offer.

    How high is the implementation effort?

    The implementation effort is minor. The Lindera SDK is integrated into your app with just a few short lines of code. A detailed description of the feedback and mechanisms help to quickly transition from code to the UI design.

    Does Lindera also offer graphic elements?

    We believe that you know your customers and their needs best. That is why we supply the technology, and we leave the implementation of the feedback in visual and audio-visual elements up to you. Our 3D avatar is a source of inspiration.

    What hardware for the SDK does the end customer require?

    The Lindera SDK can be used on any device from iOS 12 and Android 10 with an RGB camera.

    What is the difference between the SDK and Apple’s ML Kit or the Google Media Pipe?

    The Lindera SDK comes with two components:

    1. The first component is the code, which outputs feedback events directly, instead of pure coordinates that must first be interpreted by the development team.
    2. The second is that Lindera SDK offers a web tool with which new exercise configurations can be created using drag-and-drop and exported to the SDK with a simple click. This means that the Lindera SDK is a plug-n-play solution compared to pure technology.