We push the limits of human motion in every phase of life to be painless, happy and healthy.

Lindera is NOT just a start-up. We are both a patient empowerment and a deep tech company leading in the field of Computer Vision to push the limits of human motion and to bring precision medicine to everyone. How we design ›

With AI, we tackle fall prevention in age, avoid unnecessary hip/knee surgeries (in the future), help to a faster recovery and generate better results for digital therapies. We aspire to set worldwide standards.


Diana Heinrichs
CEO & Co-Founder
Yannick Will
COO, CFO & Co-Founder
Dr. Swantje Müller
Jörn Hartmann
Dr. Adjmal Sarwary
Sr Product Manager – Clinical R&D
Gina Haatz-Becker
Head of Customer Success Management
Lisa Piorko
Senior Manager People & Culture

When you’re working with so many leading AI scientists, clinical researchers, psychologists, customer success managers and computer engineers, like Dr. Emre Dogan, Dr. Hester Knoll, Dr. Swantje Müller, Gina Haatz-Becker and Jörn Hartmann, their ideas cannot help but influence the very DNA of our company. As such, we’re designing this company based not on the way health and elder care runs today – but on the way many of these visionaries predict health and elder care will work in the future.

This means, among other things, a solid focus on our mission, the desire to leave a positive mark on humanity, functioning in a borderless world of exponential change and business being a force for good.

As this happens, the lines between us, our employees and our customers start to blur. We become ONE team, with one shared mission: We push the limits of human motion in every phase of life to be painless, happy and healthy.

We’re in the business of transforming elder care, orthopedics, geriatrics, neurology, rehab and online fitness by democratizing 3d motion tracking through the normal smartphone camera in the most precise way.

We shape how our customers interact with their patients, make diagnostic decisions, and for online fitness treat their bodies. To our customers, investors and employees, we have the responsibility of being an innovative medical devices company that builds on AI, precision, and objective patient outcomes.

Seven beliefs on the future of work and what this means for people joining our company

This is a huge responsibility and to do this well we wanted to question the traditional rules and create our own manifesto of what we believe business should evolve into.

1. We are a Berlin-Kreuzberg company spread across the nation, France – and also many more countries very soon.

Lindera’s head office may be based in the capital of Germany, but our team comes from across the world and spread all over the country from Munich to Wuppertal over Cologne and Bremen. In the halls of Lindera alone, you’ll bump into people holding passports from 11+ different countries and degrees from the most different scientific backgrounds ranging from physics over sports to psychology.

2. We Innovate Rapidly to Stay on The Leading Edge of Exponential Technology

We have become a magnet for leading scientists who want to work on the cutting edge of AI and create an impact. This works because scientists partner with market access manager, former consultants and customer success managers to solve real problems in health care and market them around the world.

3. We understand that brilliant people desire the freedom to do their work, in their way.

It wasn’t Corona who told us about home office, flexible workstyles, and individual working routines. We believe that everyone should have a clear idea what he or she needs in terms of workstyle, come up with it and find a way in the team to make it happen.

4. We think big.

We’re not aiming to pin useless paper processes onto the screen. We’re aiming to democratize one of the most effective medical procedures, namely orthopedic and geriatric assessments as well as the entire work of advanced gait laboratories to serve patients wherever they are on the planet. We set worldwide standards.

5. We Believe Happiness is the Single Most Powerful Tool for Productivity

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth and days in the (home) office can be intense. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day. We create an environment that is designed to make your work, your projects and even company meetings, a ton of fun.

The office itself is designed to inspire joy and collaboration. Happiness is woven into everything we do, such as team days, social lunches and even our company meetings.

6. We Nurture a Culture of Drive, Passion, Appreciation and Honesty

We talk plain text with each other – in the good times and in the bad times. We believe that an open and honest way of communication solves problems. It drives progress and builds a sustainable and appreciative team culture at the same time. Don’t waste your time complaining, bring it up and solve it.

7. We Believe in Serving an Aging Society First

The first product we market based on our 3D-motion tracking was an app to analysis the risk factors leading to falls. To many, seniors aren’t the fanciest customers – to us they are. Not only do we love our customers, we also continuously learn from them. We have learned that seniors are very demanding in terms of usability, they won’t walk twice in front of your camera, they won’t adjust to the camera, for instance. They often live in rural areas and net an offline functionality. We love to have customers setting the bar high and help solve one of the biggest challenges our society is facing: we are all getting older and lack of skilled labor to look after us.


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